Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is a fantastic opportunity for couples to celebrate their union at a gorgeous destination of their choosing away from home. Destination weddings are completely unique to the couple and based on their personality, interests and likes. Our couples get married all over the world, in stunning locales like the Sri Lanka, Dubai, Turkey, Mauritius and many more picturesque destinations. Destination weddings can be intimate (just the two of you), limited to close family and friends, or a grandiose affair with hundreds of guests. Get inspired by some celebrations made by us !

Benefits of having a Destination Wedding?

Nowadays, many couples choose to forgo traditional weddings in favor of a more intimate gathering at a destination they love. Destination weddings created by us allow couples to extend their celebration from five hours to five days (or however long they see fit), while making a lifetime of memories with their closest friends and family. Destination weddings are unique, fun and custom to you. As destination weddings are often more intimate than traditional weddings, destination weddings can also be more affordable for couples.

Is a destination wedding the right choice for us and the guests?

If you're thinking of planning a wedding at a destination away from home, it's definitely important to you that your close friends and family members are able to attend. Prior to committing to planning a destination wedding, you must run the idea by your loved ones. Additionally, choosing the right destination may also influence who can attend. If your destination is expensive or particularly remote, fewer guests might choose to attend. So make sure to consider your guest list thoroughly while selecting a wedding location.

Are destination weddings less stressful than the traditional at-home weddings?

Most definitely yes ! Choosing to have a destination wedding means putting the reigns of control in the hands of the experts (that’s us!). This takes off a huge amount of stress from the wedding couple and their families in terms of coordinating the accommodation and making travel plans for a big group. The wedding details are are additional tasks in themselves. With someone like us to do it all for you, there's no reason that planning a destination wedding cannot be as relaxing as laying on the beach and enjoying the view ! Lastly, by booking an all-inclusive destination wedding package, there is no need to find separate vendors for other wedding related tasks, like you would for an at-home wedding. With ample resorts, florist, DJ and more are included in one succinct package price. Could there be anything more convenient?

How soon should one start planning their destination wedding?

While nine to twelve months is the ideal amount of time for securing the best travel rates and itinerary for you and your entire wedding party, we have worked with couples that have planned marvelous weddings with only a few months (or even days!) to spare. But if you do have time to plan in advance, we always advise our couples to start the process sooner rather than later, especially with large groups. And we are always there to help you every step of the way.

What should be the budget for a destination wedding?

Apart from the advantage of having an extra unique experience and a fun-filled time with your loved one(s), choosing to have a destination wedding lets you have the celebration of your dreams while staying within your allocated wedding budget. We have budget consultants onboard our team who can chalk out exact details which will sync perfectly with your expectations, both location and expenditure wise.

How do I get a marriage license for a destination wedding?

It is totally determined by the location you choose. Depending on where you are getting married, destination wedding marriage licenses can be obtained in quite a few ways. Many couples choose to have a simple, symbolic ceremonies at the locale of their dreams, and then make it legal either before or after the destination wedding, at their home state/country. This helps avoid a lot of potentially chaotic paperwork and travel plans. We will be glad to advise and help you irrespective of the route you choose.

Where do I get my makeup and hair done for my destination wedding?

The bridal hair and makeup routine is an integral part of the celebration that brides tend to get very excited about! You may decide to have your hair and makeup prepped at the resort salon, or perhaps in the comfort of your own hotel room! We will be sure to arrange the specifics to suit your request. Whether it be just the bride or the entire wedding party, we can make arrangements for everyone to glam up and be ready to celebrate.