Pre-Wedding Functions

The beauty of any wedding lies in how it manages to brings together the entire family and forges two families into becoming a single cohesive unit. Indian weddings are all about it’s rich traditions which are beautiful and special to their very core.

So, it’s official! You’re getting married. Woohoo! This is when we put the wedding ideas to work. But being solely focused in the hullabaloo associated with the wedding day, we tend to totally forget about the events and functions leading up to the big day ! Pre-wedding events have evolved over the years and how!

The pre-wedding rituals are a whirlwind of emotions where both, the bride and groom get a chance to experience and see a different side of their families. With some tearful smiles these rituals surely make a wedding a memorable soiree for all. It is a chance to make some lifelong memories as you celebrate each of these unique pre-wedding traditions.

Any Indian wedding that you attend or witness, whether in India or abroad, is just incomplete without the ‘shor-sharaba’ and ‘naach-gaana’ associated with our shaadis. But here is the good news, you do not have to do any of the work when it comes to these pre-wedding functions.

It’s better to leave it to us, Purplish Weddings team, to coordinate with your friends and family to come up with several ideas for the pre-wedding functions and trust us to give you a wide variety of the themes, food variety, wedding couture and all the other party planning activities to choose from. Here are few ideas that we’ve shortlisted to enjoy the pre-wedding craziness.

Engagement Party

Now that the wedding is on, the groom has popped the question and the bride has said yes, you would surely want to make the big announcement to your close friends and family and make them a part of your joy and happiness. There are no hard and fast rules as to who will host the engagement party. Anyone who wants to be a part of your wedding preparations can pitch in and host a magnificent engagement party. We are always there to coordinate and make all the arrangements.

One famous assortment at engagement parties these days in the fountain of ‘champagne’. A tower of champagne can take your engagement party to a whole new level. This is a creative way that will not only wow your party guests but will also set the mood for the remainder of the evening.

At an engagement party, everyone enjoys a good love story, every other person in the crowd is a sucker for romance. So this might be the best time to share your spectacular love story with the world. You can create a sweet sign in the form of a signage showcasing a timeline of how the two of you met and depicting your journey together. You can get more creative by sharing photos from the beginning of your relationship till the time the groom proposed. Crafting a video montage of images is sure to make everyone teary-eyed!

Sangeet Function

You have got to agree that be it any wedding, if there is one function we all keenly look forward to, it is the sangeet function. The ‘latkes’, the ‘jhatkes’ and the ‘thumkas’ make the whole evening fun, exciting and create some amazing memories and make for some crazy pictures too! If you want we can manage to turn your sangeet function into something wackier, where you and your guests can shimmy the night away.

One fun and unique party choice is to pump up the beats with a crazy Karaoke night. Karaoke is a super popular party trend that never seems to get old and uplifts any celebration night making it totally crazy and happening. So, bring out the singer within and turn your sangeet function into something memorable evening where you and your close peeps can belt out some of your favourite tunes and rock-n-roll to it.

Another quirky choice is to go the Flash mob way. It’s the ‘in’ thing these days. Just imagine taking everyone by surprise and performing in a flash mob. Having a group of synchronised and coordinated dancers is an interesting way to inspire an environment of joyous and a reckless soiree, thus setting the mood for the entire evening.

Your pre-wedding sangeet bash can also have a theme that reflects your personality. If you wish to personalise any of your wedding functions, a theme brings it all together and makes everything perfect. Your sangeet function can have a theme based on your favourite song or movie in case you are a Bollywood buff.

We can ask the wedding choreographer to make you and your spouse dance it out on foot-tapping and quirky songs that invite some laughs and loud chuckles from everyone around, making the sangeet night a truly memorable affair and showing to everyone present there that you won’t hold back and are not afraid to get your groove on and tickle few funny bones.

Mehendi Function

The mehendi ceremony is considered to be one of the most important and sacred pre-wedding events in a bride’s life. The beautiful bride-to-be adorns her hands and feet with spectacular mehendi designs and patterns on the ‘mehendi ki raat’. Apart from being a fun pre-wedding event, the mehendi also has a significant amount of underlying significance attached to it. Many brides write their would-be husband’s name hidden somewhere in their mehendi and the groom is supposed to find the letters to form his name. It is believed is that the colour of the mehendi represents the string bond of love between the couple and is also considered as a symbol of fertility and virality. Mehendi functions can be made entertaining in a number of ways.

You can choose to have a dhol playing competition and one need not be a professional dhol player in order to take part in this competition. This competition can be held for some of your most boisterous wedding guests and with the partnership between the musicians and their instruments, you can ask your guests to try and beat each other’s record at playing the dhol.

An all time favourite is the game of Antakshari. Any pre-wedding function is just incomplete without some ‘gaana-bajana’. So, it’s the best opportunity to organise an Antakshari night. Antakshari is a part of every celebration and has become a trend at every wedding. You can involve your guests in this fun activity and pitch them against each other by asking them to hum the melodies of popular movies and stars. This way, guests can open up and many of them get to showcase the talents they have kept hidden.

Haldi Ceremony

A haldi ceremony holds a lot of importance at Indian weddings. It is believed that the haldi wards off all evil and is auspicious for the occasion. Just like any other wedding ceremony, a haldi function too is celebrated with smiles, giggles and a lot of fun all around.

Colour coordinated outfits for the bride and her gal pals make for the most wonderful photos.

Wearing floral jewellery is a massive trend and it looks decadent and precious on all brides. You have to agree that floral jewellery and haldi ceremony is a match made in heaven. Floral maang-tikas, neckpieces, haath phools, earrings and bangles simply take the ceremony and escalate it to another level and make every photo adorable.

Instead of alcohol, the drinks for the guests can be replaced by the cool and refreshing naariyal paani. You could also serve some soothing and quenching coconut water so that your wessing party feels rejuvenated and enjoy the rest of the ceremony.

Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is the most awaited pre-wedding events and planning and executing a rocking one requires some ideation. These amazing bridal shower ideas will let your imagination do the talking & allow everybody to have a blast at the same time.

  1. An all-girls night out: Dear girlfriends of the bride, none of the night-outs you have had till date will be as memorable as this particular one. So, get set and be ready to have the best evening of your life. You all could deck up the beautiful bride-to-be and adorn her with a marvelous crown and a sash which says ‘bride to-be’; and, all the other bridesmaids can use silly and crazy props, which also double up as a great pre-wedding photography idea. You can even opt to have a makeover session since it is a girl’s night out!
  2. Theme it up: To ramp things up a bit, add an over the top element to your bachelorette bash by including themes like Bollywood, masquerade, red carpet ready or even something as suave as a little black dress theme if you want to add a pinch of elegance to your bachelorette.
  3. Pump up the adrenaline drift: You could plan to partake in activities like rock climbing, paintball, scuba diving and parasailing or a simple bonfire party with your girl gang. The underlying motive of planning an activity or trip is for you to have those few hours with your gal besties before you take the big plunge.
  4. Indulge yourself: Which girl does not love to be pampered? The perfect day at the spa is all you and your girlfriends needs in order to have fun, relax, rejuvenate and paint the town red. This pre-wedding gig is important as it marks the end of your singlehood and is a way of spending time with your gal pals before your big day arrives.

Bachelor Party

Beyond the routine gig of tequila and beer, consider mixing it up with the following ideas for the groom’s bachelor party.

  1. All you need to set up a poker night is a few decks of playing card, some stakes and of course, the uber essential ingredient - the beers. You can even choose to hire a professional to supervise and add a little twist to your game night. Let your gambling instincts take over and enjoy an action-packed fun night.
  2. Nothing beats an out camping site on the banks of a pond or a river. All you need to do is set up tents and bonfires and you’re all set. Make sure you have proper barbeque equipment with enough alcohol to keep all of yours spirits high for the entire night.
  3. Take a smaller plunge before taking the larger one. Involving yourself in some of the thrilling and frightening adventure sports on a bachelor party will leave everyone with a high that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Challenging your friends to do the inevitable can bring out many positive results.
  4. If you spent half of your college life hours playing FIFA or counter strike, why wouldn’t you want to do it for one more time before your friend gets hitched? The grooms party can all bring in their laptops and arrange for a LAN party. These uninterrupted hours can really bring the old memories to back to life.