The Bali Rendezvous
Vikalp and Nikita

Vikalp and Nikita tie the knot in a breathtaking Bali destination wedding. We are pretty sure that there is a saying that goes “When you happen to meet the right person, nothing else in the world matters”. You do not think of any checklists, cities, distances or any other roadblock when you know it is right. And for Vikalp and Nikita, it was so very right!

Vikalp never believed in making checklists, but he was a believer of destiny and fate. And meeting Nikita was his fate, he believes. From the very first meeting, he was completely bowled over ! For Nikita, having a life partner who loved her and cared for her was very special and something she always wanted. She loved the fact that he made her his priority since the day one.

While Vikalp’s friends teased him for the late night conversations he had with her, Nikita’s friends were elated that she found her perfect match. And we are not ones to exaggerate, but we could clearly see the love and adoration they had for each other. It was evident in their eyes and the way they looked at each other. Her spunky vivaciousness and his somewhat reserved but extremely warm nature resulted in a phenomenal combination.

Their respective families were more than ecstatic that they chose one another. What followed next was a spectacular celebration of their union with their closest friends and family. They had a fun mehendi event with quite a few games and a super-entertaining and exciting tug-of-war between the bride’s and the groom’s families. On their sangeet night, the famous singer Shalmali had everyone dancing to her spirited and peppy tunes ! It was a beautiful four-day celebration of their love and togetherness and we loved being a part of every bit of it and making it special for this amazing jodi ! Vikalp was a dashing groom while Nikita made for the most gorgeous bride!

Here are some of our most favourite moments from their wedding.