The Perfect Mauritian Soiree
Raghav and Vani

A South-Indian Mauritius destination wedding that made us believe in fairy tales. There are always some weddings where we, as wedding planners, want to keep our job and tasks aside and join in on the fun. Raghav and Vani’s wedding soiree was one such celebration! Since the very beginning, we received so much cooperation and warmth from both families that it didn’t even really feel like we were there working.

It was such a pleasure to plan Raghav and Vani’s wedding and create beautiful memories for them. They had an easy-going chemistry that made it a breeze to make decisions regarding various events! They gave us the time and patience that is rare considering how busy wedding ceremonies usually are.

Their wedding functions were exactly what you would imagine a Punjabi wedding to be like, but with a destination such as Mauritius, it was double the oomph and glamour! Loads of drama, dancing and fun! Folks from all over the world – US, Germany, Switzerland and Dubai– had flown in to join the festivities and celebrate with the couple and their families. Love and laughter was in no scarcity during the wedding celebrations. Everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, participated and danced like there is no tomorrow at the joyous sangeet ceremony. The haldi event was full of mischief, glee and merriment all around. Saurabh’s family drenched him with everything starting from the actual haldi to juice, soda, water and even drinks. We had a blast organizing the two-day celebration.

Raghav and Vani got married at the regal Veranda Peter Virginie Hotel & Spa Resort in Mauritius. They made vows to support and love each other in front of their closest friends and family.

Here are some of our most favourite moments from the wedding.