The Sri Lankan Wedding Extravaganza
Ayla and Mansoor

Love has no limitations or timeline. For somebody, it might take just one look and for somebody else it may take a few conversations. But when it is meant to be, love always prevails and finds its own niche path.

Ayla was completely awestruck the first time she met Mansoor. He, on the other hand, did not have a clue that Ayla would be the woman he would end up tying the knot with. Her softness won him over soon enough and his heart sang love songs for her.

Their families could not be happier with this union and their decision of spending their lives together. Ayla and her mother-in-law have spent so much time talking that Mansoor jokes that they knew each other better than he knew them.

Although Ayla’s family were sentimental at the thought of their cherished and loving daughter going away from their home, they were equally elated that she had found the perfect partner and the most loving family to call her own now.

Everyone from Mansoor’s parents to his sister and brother was delighted to have a charming and intelligent daughter-in-law and could not wait for her to be an official part of their family.

They had a super adventurous haldi ceremony followed by a absolutely breathtaking sangeet where Mansoor sang for Ayla while our shy bride smiled and blushed away. The dashing duo made promises to each other for life in a beautiful ceremony in Sri Lanka, amongst their closest friends and family.

Here are some of our most favourite moments from the wedding.