Theme Weddings

Hosting a picture-perfect wedding celebration starts with a suitable theme setting. A carefully selected wedding theme will make your wedding a distinguished and elegant event.

Keeping up with the latest trends is a key skill required in planning a theme wedding. And it’s a trick we have up our sleeve ! Just know that there is a very fine line between overdoing the event and hosting a clever themed wedding ! Sometimes less is more, and we are proficient in finding that balance.

These are just some of the options of themes. We can customize and tweak them to suit your style.

Vintage Wedding Theme

‘Old is gold’ - the true believers of this popular phrase can prove so by choosing the vintage wedding theme. Yes, past few centuries did have its charms which are relevant and eye-caching even today. From the vintage Indian theme to a Victorian-era set up, the customizations are plentiful.

Even the historical Mughal wedding theme can be chosen. From backdrops and props to outfits and cuisine, everything can be custom made as per your liking. Just choose which festive historical setting or vintage era setting excites you the most. Vintage wedding theme is a recent fever and is popular amongst women and youngsters.

A vintage English theme will make for an elite function, or a royal Mughal style wedding will take you back to the ancient history or a fabulous vintage themed Indian-style wedding will steal the show and capture all the hearts. Visualize your function and choose what suits your wedding celebration the best.

Contemporary Wedding Theme

If there is such a thing as an evergreen wedding theme, it’s the contemporary decor theme. It intermingles with the cultural connotations and add a modern westernized charm to it. A contemporary theme is a popular choice amongst folks those who seek a colorful and elegant backdrop.

Try to imagine your wedding function in crystal lounges, golden-yellow lights, assorted flower decorations and LED screens streamlining every event and function. A formal stage also is not needed by the ‘couple of the night’. Instead, they can interact with the guests in person in an open setting.

Colorful curtains, sparkling cocktail bar, and tempting contemporary cuisine are a sureshot way to entertain the guests to the maximum capacity. This wedding theme is always very high in demand. Contemporary wedding theme comes with a royal touch of excellent lighting, perfectly blended colors, and celebratory ambiance.

Garden Wedding

Why not step it up a notch and be a little more creative? The indoor forest wedding theme or indoor garden theme is a perfect way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. It is suitable for all seasons, and the additional advantage is that this theme is full of beauty and serenity.

Entrance and walls covered with exotic plants and flowers and greens, candles complementing the green, trees with hanging lanterns and shiny chandeliers to make it look like a fairy-tale come true. The cocktail bar and dining area will be decorated with a perfect balance of golden-yellow lights and green plants over the grille.

An ambiance of starry lights exquisitely arranged in a nature-green theme is sure to delight your guests. This wedding theme is most suited for the folks who seek an abiding memory of their wedding with a distinguished touch.

Bollywood Bonanza

If you too believe in the phrase ‘go big or go home’, then this Bollywood glitter and drama wedding theme is the perfect choice for you ! Wowing everyone on your special day, this theme can add glam and panache to your wedding and make your family and friends joyful.

Whether it's Bollywood classics like 'Mughal-e-Azam', or 70s jumping with joy 'Disco Dancer', or the 90s romance of 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge', or the sensation of 2000s 'Ye Jawani hai Deewani', or the millenial magic of 'Om Shanti Om' or 'Padmavat', if you can imagine it, we can make it happen for you.

Starry Bollywood elements like awards nights, red carpets, posters, coupled with a mix of larger than life and glitzy glam decor like all-gold streamers and glitter makes this larger than life theme a very popular choice !

Eco-Friendly Wedding

‘Go Green’ is the latest mantra and a lot of folks are adopting this mantra in their weddings as well. But just because you want to be vigil and mindful of the environment in your wedding, it does not mean you need to skimp out on the minute details and the little things.

There are several eco-friendly replacements you can choose. For example, you can use biodegradable confetti as an alternative to rice for your grand exit, or opt for plants instead of flowers as table decorations, and many invitations can now be printed on recycled paper.

If weather allows, you may even choose an outdoor venue to cut back and save on energy from lighting. There are a bunch of options to help you do your bit for the environment while having the wedding of your dreams.

Royal Indian Wedding

Nothing shouts out loud and majestic like the uber elegant and royal Rajasthani wedding theme. Also famed as the ‘Rajwada wedding theme’, this setting is a treat for one’s soul.

A personal favorite of the people of India, the royal Rajasthani theme is an all-in-one packaged bonanza. This vibrant, colorful and royal theme will take you back to the regal Rajputana era. It is truly a festive theme with rangolis, props, traditional music and food carts.

You also get to choose from the royal menu of savory and delightful flavors and garnish them up with exquisite sweets. You can even arrange traditional performances like folk singers, ghoomer dancers, and entertainers for delighting your guests.

The groom will arrive on a ‘ghodi’ while the bride would descend in a traditional ‘palki’. The atmosphere can be boosted with bright fireworks and regal art pieces and mannequins. Rajasthani ‘rajwada’ wedding theme is the most iconic choice for a unforgettable wedding.

Carnival Themed Wedding

Known for its fun inducing and unique atmosphere, Carnival wedding theme has recently been made popular by quite a few famous weddings in India. Suitable for both night time and day time wedding ceremonies, this theme is not just full of colors but showcases many activities and fun events for the wedding guests. Be careful! Adults might transform into children again at your wedding function.

From candy-themed and colorful props to juggling clowns, from light shows to entertaining performances, this theme has plenty arrows in its quiver to craft a joyful and fun filled ceremony for you. The carnival wedding theme is the best choice for bigger locales and a large number of guests.

Imagine colorful and cheerful stalls and stands, lights, music and a fun and frolic atmosphere all around. This wedding theme is one of our favorites, so we will pour our heart and soul into setting the perfect ambiance up for you.

Flora & Fauna Celebrations

Imagine an open indoor garden full of flowers ! Exotic flora and colorful flower buds surrounding everyone make for yet another romantic and gorgeous wedding theme.

A floral wedding theme or flowers theme is spectacular and a complete bliss for the eyes. The entrance, ceiling, walls and dining area, will be covered with masses of assorted garlands, flowers, trees and poles brimming to their tips with contrasting hues and color tones, are what makes this wedding theme so unique yet humble. Even, the desserts and food preparations can be made to resemble flowers, making for a visual treat for everyone present at the wedding.

Couples usually choose this theme around one special flower, like the Rose or the Orchid. Borders can be lined with Marigold and white roses, with floral props like elephants and peacocks and a floral ceremony ground or ‘Mandap.’ The wedding ambiance cannot be made anymore pleasant and pious than the flowers wedding theme.