Venue Bookings

The beauty of the wedding lies in enjoying and celebrating every moment of it. Celebrations form one of those timeless and integral memories that give life new meaning. When booking a wedding venue, you must make sure to have an experienced and talented wedding planner to take care of the nitty grit-ties and every minor detail. Thus, to help make this occasion the happiest one, we, at Purplish Weddings offer venues that are tailor made to suit your fairy-tale celebration.

You can choose as per your preference and book from a wide range of wedding venues available across the country and even internationally. With the Purplish Weddings team by your side, you can find the most happening outdoor function halls to the finest of the banquet halls and get venue bookings done in a jiffy with our experienced team to guide you through every step of the way. We offer you the resources and the perfect assistance to manage such bookings, so that you can sit back and bask and enjoy this magical journey.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of finding the perfect wedding venue. Whether your wedding to-do list is scrawled on the back of a receipt, or in your head, or carefully and lovingly drawn out in a fresh notepad, this should be at the utmost top of that list ! If you are brand new to this planning spree, do remember, that until you book your , your wedding is simply a blank canvas. It could be a wild house party in the woods, a quiet elopement or anything in between - but once you settle on a wedding venue, that space dictates pretty much every other details about your big day, from the food to photography, even down to what the couple wears!

Choosing your wedding venue is always a very tricky task, but it is made much easier by first choosing the style of party you are after, and the kind of vibe you want to create for yourself and your wedding party. Believe us, it's the only part your wedding guests will remember on your silver and golden wedding anniversary!

To help you with the wedding venue search, we can help you choose the types of wedding venue options, and list the pros and cons of each. Once you have settled on the kind of wedding you would like to have, our team of experts will help you narrow things down to the tiniest possible detail !

If you want a big wedding venue, as most of our couples do, before you start shortlisting wedding venues, organise and have a sit-down chat with your other half, in which you both brainstorm ideas for your wedding day and settle on the kind of party you would like to throw. The most important details that you need to know is how many guests are going to attend the wedding.

Get a potential guest list to determine the ballpark figure of the number of guests before even thinking about shortlisting potential venues. If you are planning on inviting more than two hundred guests, for example, your venue search will be greatly dependent on that number. To speak roughly, for a wedding with more than a hundred and fifty guests, you will probably end up deciding to book a hotel, a marquee or an exclusive hire venue, and for weddings smaller than fifty, a private and quaint venue or restaurant will work out to be the best.

To get you started in this process, we have compiled a general questionnaire which covers all the basic aspects you we will look for before finalising a wedding venue for you.

Here’s the list:

  1. Does the venue have enough seating capacity for your entire guest list?
  2. Is the venue available on your wedding day?
  3. Is there an in-house coordinator the venue provides who will offer support throughout the duration of the wedding and reception?
  4. Does the venue have a one wedding per day policy?
  5. Is the venue available for booking for an exclusive use? If yes, should there be a minimum accommodation occupancy to get exclusivity?
  6. How flexible are the packages?
  7. Which rooms will be chosen for the various wedding functions like mehendi, wedding ceremony and reception ?
  8. Are there alternative locations for some other small functions?
  9. What are the food and drinks options available and are they included in the packages?
  10. Is the decoration provided by the venue and how many options are available?
  11. What kind of tables are available at the venue and what shapes choices are present?
  12. Are we allowed to move and redecorate the furniture as per our wedding theme?
  13. Does the venue have a contractor in-house if the need arises for it?
  14. Would there be a designated place for the band to set up ?
  15. Are microphones and speaker and DJ units available with the velue?
  16. Are bridal suites included in the packages?
  17. Are there reliable and trustworthy taxi services available nearby?
  18. Is there power backup facility and generator on venue?
  19. Is there a lift/access/facility for the disabled and the elderly?
  20. How many toilets are present?
  21. Are there subsidised costs for non-peak season bookings?
  22. Is the service fee included in the package amount ?
  23. Do we need to be aware of any additional charges?
  24. What is the cancellation and refund policy?
  25. Is there enough parking for guests and is there an additional fee for it?
  26. Is valet services available for the guests?

One last piece of notice: if you decide that a particular venue is 'The One', our team will follow up after the visit with an email confirming all their answers to the above questions and get every confirmation in writing to avoid any conflicts or issues on the the-day.